About me

 I have been a Massage Therapist since 2001. Specializing in Medical massage, Deep Tissue and Relaxation therapy for many years, I believe I have the knowledge and skills to help you optimize your health.

We can explore your individual health concerns and make a realistic plan of care that has your goals and objectives in mind. Your privacy will be respected in my office, and you will leave with an informed holisic choice in your approach 2 health. 

 I am fortunate to have been involved in caring for people via traditional and alternative modalities.

 In my career as a Registered Nurse I have practiced in fields such as the operating room, recovery room, transitional care, and hospice.

I have chosen to practice fulltime as a massage therapist because it gets results in a non threatening, non invasive manner.

While there is a time and a place for both traditional and alternative modalities, I prefer to give clients the choice to getting and staying healthy with the proven science and creativity of massage.  

All my best in your individual quest for health and well being!

Wilhelmina Kraven, LMT, RN


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